One of the really cool thing about the new Sony Mirrorless cameras is how easily they can be used with classic lenses. When I got mine one of my goals with it was to start shooting exclusively with my old rangefinder lenses. For my weddings so far I’ve been using a combo of modern auto-focus zooms and some vintage lenses. I’m also shooting a combo of Canon and Sony cameras; however recently I asked my good friend Candice Cusic if I could tag along at one of her weddings and just shoot with only my vintage glass. I really loved shooting this way, it forced me to slow down and get the shot rather than just blazing away with frames. If I was to do this at all my weddings I’d need a second Sony body since switching lenses on body’s is a little to slow. The lenses I used for this are a Nikkor 28mm f3.5, a Leica Summitar 50mm f2, and a Nikkor 85mm f2. a great little 3 lens combo. I really love the look of these classics sure they are little softer and a lot slower to use but they have a great feel and look about them.

This wedding was at the Chicago Firehouse an old converted firehouse which is a really wonderful space for a small intimate wedding. It also has a beautiful little side yard for guests to relax in. Steve and James where a super fun couple to work with and I knew I’d love them before I met them, they had a great Boxer and I’m totally a sucker for a cool Boxer since I had a Boxer mix when I was growing up who was the greatest dog ever. Steve and James had a small wedding filled with there closest friends and family. They really made the most of the space with casual seating and couches in the side yard and a dance space inside. Unusual for this summer the weather even cooperated giving us a beautiful day to enjoy a great event.