Every wedding is a big deal, the most important day of your life some say. But this wedding was important in so many ways 1st and most importantly of course, it was about the expression of love and commitment between two people, it was also important to the two children of the couple to see there parents married; however it was also important for the wedding took place on June 1, 2014 the first day in Illinois for same sex couples to get legally married in Illinois. Sarah and Marianna where such a wonderful couple to get to know through this wedding and from the stories I heard in the toasts they have quite an amazing background as well. It was simply a beautifully perfect day at Café Bauer in Lincoln Park with its wonderful views of the city, zoo, and lagoon. A bonus for me was the timing of the wedding, most Chicago weddings are night affairs but this was a day wedding so the space was filled all day with wonderful natural light. I also got to work with some of my favorite people at this wedding including the always great gang from Bliss Events, who seem to always have a surprise famous singer for me at weddings and this was no exception. The crew from Café Bauer is amazing as well and they have such an ultra cool perfect space. Food For Thought and Bittersweet Bakery provided amazing food, and stems put together truly amazing floral arrangements. Candice Cusic was a fantastic second shooter to have with me as back up all day. Bill Pollack provided great live jazz through the day and then when people where ready to get their dance on he kept the groovy going as a DJ.


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