I don’t think you will be able to find someone better than Doug. I am extremely pleased with his work up to the point that I am trying to convince my family to bring him down to Argentina to have our wedding photographed by him. He is just the kind of photographer you want: he is very receptive to your ideas, he pays attention to every detail (I remember having cupcake crumbs in my hair and he stopping to fix me!), he makes you feel comfortable during the process, and, most importantly, he takes awesome pictures without the need to recur to props, make up and wardrobe artists as wedding photographers do these days… he can make you look good even though Chicago’s wind down by the shore is freezing you! (I know it by experience). He is a real photographer, he really knows what he is doing… not like those wedding photographers who can only shoot formal pictures. He has studied a lot and he teaches photography. What I liked the most about his style is that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the camera, you can just let things unfold naturally and rest on his ability to capture the best moments of the day. This makes the experience much more pleasant because you get to have a great time without worrying someone is taking your pictures. And the result is unbelievable, I even cried when I saw my pics… they were so beautiful and breath taking. He had turned my vision of the shoot into something so dashing, that I could not believe my eyes. To those who are too shy for pics, he is the guy you want to go to, it is a real pleasure working with him, and you will be more than satisfied with the results. And to those who are more into pics, he is the guy for you also, I promise you won’t regret having him take your pictures… on the contrary, there is no one better for the job than him. It was a pleasure working with Doug, and I hope you get to say that too.