This seems to be my year for weddings of Sisters of former brides; this is my first of three. I shot Colleens sister Tricia’s wedding last year, and it was a total blast so I was really looking forward to Colleen’s wedding this year. It did not disappoint at all this wedding was a real blast. The ceremony was at St. Hedwig’s in Bucktown, which is the same church her sister used; it is such a beautiful church a real undiscovered jewel. After the ceremony we headed out around the city a bit to do some shots then we went to the reception at Prairie Productions, what an amazing space full of wonderful wonderful natural light from big windows the light is just fantastic in this space. At the reception there was a fantastic Mariachi band during cocktails and then the TVK Orchestra took over for the dancing portion of the night. Wishbone catering provided fantastic food for everyone. Colleen and Brian are a really fantastic couple and I had a great time getting to know them and there families, and there’s one more sister left, although she’s a little young to worry about marriage right now.


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