I knew Christine and Clark would be fun to work with since they are both dog people; in fact they met through their dogs. The wedding took place at the amazing St. Clement Church in Lincoln Park. This church is great in so many ways, first it’s a perfect size, many of the great old churches are so big that unless you have 2000 guests they look empty, St. Clements isn’t to overwhelming big, secondly it’s just super beautiful and wonderfully maintained, every inch of the interior is covered with amazing detail. After the ceremony the wedding party and me headed out around the city for some creative portrait sessions before getting to the Mid-America Club for the reception. I’m super crazy about this space, it’s on the 80th floor of the AON building and it’s the whole floor so the views from up there are crazy amazing, whenever I get up there I look forward to the amazing night views out the windows of the club. The bride and groom picked out some great vendors for there big day. Beth from Larkspur is one of my favorite florists; she always puts together amazing stuff, lots of peonies at the wedding, which was fun since they are just starting to bloom outside, and one of my favorite flowers. Kevin from Cage and Aquarium spun some fantastic tunes, and it turns out his sister is married to a former student of my wife, small world eh? Bittersweet Bakery made a truly beautiful cake and of course Kassondra and the entire crew from the Mid-America club did a fantastic job of keeping the reception flowing along.



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