This is my second wedding of the summer where the bride is the sister of a former bride. I shot her sisters wedding 9 years ago when I was just a wedding shooting pup. Her family is a total blast, her dad is a member of the Shannon Rovers Pipe Band so at the reception they led the bride and groom into the room which was pretty spectacular, they did this at her sisters wedding too, all those years ago. Another super fun thing about this wedding was that it was up in Madison WI which is where I went to Grad School, and is one of my favorite towns ever. The Wedding took place at the beautiful Allen Centennial Gardens, and the reception was at the UW_madison Memorial Union. The whole time I was up there I was thinking I could commute to Chicago for gigs from here. Looking through the photos I was really reliving the fun of the day again. Best part is another one of these sisters is getting married in September so I get to hang out with these folks again. UW_madison_Wedding_01 UW_madison_Wedding_02 UW_madison_Wedding_03 UW_madison_Wedding_04 UW_madison_Wedding_05 UW_madison_Wedding_06 UW_madison_Wedding_07 UW_madison_Wedding_08 UW_madison_Wedding_09 UW_madison_Wedding_11 UW_madison_Wedding_12 UW_madison_Wedding_13 UW_madison_Wedding_14 UW_madison_Wedding_15 UW_madison_Wedding_16 UW_madison_Wedding_17 UW_madison_Wedding_18 UW_madison_Wedding_19 UW_madison_Wedding_20 UW_madison_Wedding_21 UW_madison_Wedding_22 UW_madison_Wedding_23